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Why do I need an instructor

Updated: May 15, 2021

It seems like such a natural thing and we can all do it in some capacity. It's when we start to push boundaries, it becomes extremely risky.

The most common comments from internet trolls are ‘pay money to someone to tell me to hold my breath and dive, I can do that on my own’ or ‘it’s called Freediving, why do I need to pay’. People have died trying on their own so please do not attempt this sport without proper training and certification! Please do not shame or discourage someone interested in taking a course; their safety is at risk. Paying for time with an instructor is an investment that can save lives.

Remember: If someone tries to mock you for paying to take a freediving course it's because they aren't courageous as you and they know it!

Freediving is the oldest form of diving where a diver dives by holding their breath and usually without equipment. A lot of cultures for centuries have dove for food and pearls. This sport has been modernized since and science has helped understand the changes the body goes through. There has also been a lot of development with equipment to make diving easier and safer. Divers now are diving greater depths than before, the world records today are truly amazing!

Ama, a pearl diver in Japan

Is Freediving safe? Yes, as long as you’re properly trained, you practice responsible diving and dive with other certified divers. Everything has risks, it’s no different than riding a bicycle or walking down the street. Proper training will also help minimize risks and the more you train the more you get to know your body’s limits. It's also important to condition your body to the changes that are happening when you begin to freedive.

Why do I need an instructor when I have countless blogs and YouTube videos bookmarked? The issue with blogs and Vlogs is that information can be out of date, it's time-consuming to research and can be overwhelming. When you have an instructor they can explain everything you need to know and if you have questions they can quickly answer you. What’s available online is great as supplemental but doesn’t replace the need for an instructor. When it comes to practicing what you’ve learned, an instructor plays a more important role. If there are any issues with your technique it can be corrected immediately before bad techniques become bad habits. Doing certain skills incorrectly can be a liability to you and your buddy's safety.