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toronto freediving training


Start your freediving journey today!

Price List

Interested in a trial session before committing to the sport? In this trial session, there will be 1hr session on theory and a time to ask your instructor questions regarding the sport. Then there will be a 1hr pool session to perform a swim fitness test and basic freediving skills.  If you would like to move forward to the entire program, a $75 credit will be applied to your course ($25 towards Academics, $25 toward Pool, and $25 towards open water) There is no certification with 'Try Freediving'.

Learn the science behind Freediving and important breathing exercises. Classes running during the weekdays all summer. 

Learn and practice important skills needed for Freediving with an instructor. Once this portion is completed you may attend our weekly Pool Practice at the Pan Am pool.

The last pool session for Summer certification starts in August. 

Once you've completed the Practical skills to your instructor's liking, you may move on to the final step toward certification. These classes run from June to September and is weather pending. 

Free Immersion 1-Day  $185+tax, 2-day $285+tax

Free immersion freediving is a unique freediving discipline where the diver descends and ascends by pulling along a dive line, using only their arms during the dive. Immersion freediving will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to pull yourself into the deep blue with full confidence and total comfort. This course is open to anymore wanting more experience with equalizing before or after completing OpenWater. Must have a minimum of a pool certification from any reputable freediving agency. 

Try Mermaid $250 +tax

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Join the SSI Try Mermaid program and make your dreams come true! You will complete a mermaid experience with an SSI professional in a pool setting and learn entry-level mermaid skills, including swimming with a mermaid monofin. Earn your SSI Try Mermaid recognition rating. It is the perfect program to do before joining our SSI Mermaid course. Start today!

Mermaid $450+tax

Learn how to become a mermaid with the exciting SSI Mermaid program! This mermaid training provides all the skills and techniques you need to maximize your mermaid experience, be truly comfortable in the water and get the most out of your equipment. After getting certified as an SSI Mermaid, the next logical step is to take your mermaid adventures to our wonderful oceans! With just 2 additional open water sessions, you can upgrade to become an SSI Ocean Mermaid at any time. Get started today!

Ocean Mermaid $700+tax

To experience the incredible feeling of mermaiding with colourful marine life, join the SSI Ocean Mermaid program. Get certified to go mermaiding in open water, maximize your mermaid experience and learn how to get the most from your mermaid equipment. It is the best course to improve your mermaid skills so you can explore the ocean with confidence! If you want to capture your amazing mermaid moments and wow your family and friends, join the SSI Model Mermaid program. You will learn to pose for in-water and surface mermaid shots and be taught all you need to interact successfully with a photographer or videographer. This course is ideal for anyone looking to get into performing professionally as a mermaid internationally.

Model Mermaid $300 / $250 VIP

Do you want amazing photos or videos of yourself being a mermaid or a merman? Are you ready to wow your family and friends? This is the best mermaid model course to learn the skills and concepts you need to successfully interact with a photographer or videographer as a mermaid. In this underwater modelling program, you will learn how to be a mermaid for in-water and surface shots, to capture your amazing mermaid moments! This course is open to any merfolk with proper certification from a reputable certification agency.

Meet the Team

Welcome to Hypercube H2O! We strive to provide the best educational diving experiences with our dedicated instructors. With our knowledge and expertise, we are committed to creating safe and responsible divers and mermaids.

We are currently running classes all summer till September. Sign up now as spaces are filling quickly!

Complete this questionnaire as a prerequisite for your course. Please ensure that your date of birth is correct to generate forms. 

Which course would you like to sign up for?
Have you had surgery within the last 12 months, OR I have ongoing problems related to past surgery?
Have you struggled to perform moderate exercise (for example, walk 1.6 kilometer/one mile in 14 minutes or swim 200 meters/yards without resting), OR I have been unable to participate in a normal physical activity due to fitness or health reasons within the past 12 months?
Have you had problems with my eyes, ears, or nasal passages/sinuses. I have lost consciousness, had migraine headaches, seizures, stroke, significant head injury, or suffer from persistent neurologic injury or disease. I have had back problems, hernia, ulcers, or diabetes?
Are you over 45 years of age?
Have you had problems with my eyes, ears, or nasal passages/sinuses?
Have you lost consciousness, had migraine headaches, seizures, stroke, significant head injury, or suffer from persistent neurologic injury or disease?
Have you had back problems, hernia, ulcers, or diabetes?
Are you taking prescription medications (with the exception of birth control or anti-malarial drugs other than mefloquine/Lariam)?

Thanks for submitting!

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