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After the huge success of our first CLASSIC pulley system released in 2018, today we are super happy to introduce its big brother the XL pulling system!

Indeed, a few of our customers and friends mentioned that when using our first CLASSIC pulley model with stiffer or thicker ropes (10mm and above), sometimes pulling the bottom weight up by securing the sole of the foot on the carabiner felt a little bit too much like hard work. This is why we came up with this new XL model, using double-diameter pulleys. This significantly decreases the friction due to the angle of the rope against the pulley. As for everything else, it works in exactly the same way as the CLASSIC model.


As always, it remains easy to use, strong (max. load 250kg), efficient, ergonomic, and still compact even if a bit chunkier than our CLASSIC model, while maintaining high-quality components!

It makes it easy to drop the line even with just one hand (or even with only two fingers!), and has no sharp edges, giving it a perfectly ergonomic shape.


It is so resistant that you can just leave it hanging under your buoy, without any real need to rinse it in fresh water after use. You can even jump on it with both feet, it will keep working over and over (with any rope from 8 to 13 mm diameter)!

XLPulling System

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